Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Strawberries and More!!

     A couple of weeks ago we were invited to an impromptu homeschooling field trip to a local strawberry farm.  We loaded our vehicle with squeals of delight from the kids, a sack lunch, and a blanket for a picnic.  There is nothing better than being out in the beautiful sunshine, and we have been long overdue!                      
    We drove the 45 minutes to the patch and picked till our hearts contentment was overflowing.  The kids eyes were giddy with the sight of strawberries.  They had never been to pick strawberries before.  The owners were very kind and told us to heap our buckets full.  We picked 4 gallons and then some.  We had our quiet picnic and then we were on our way.
     Now what to do with all those beautiful buckets of red goodness?  Jam of course and a couple of pies to go with it too!! 
     I worked all afternoon, with the help of my mom, and finally have all my ingredients ready to go!  I was torn by just chopping all of those strawberries up, and then the thought of my favorite drink hit me.  I LOVE me some raspberry sweet tea!!!
     What if I made some strawberry syrup to use in my sweet tea?  I searched all over and came to a wonderful recipe.  It was perfection!  Oh and did I forget to mention it works wonderfully in strawberry lemonade and in milk too?  But the best is right on top of a steaming hot waffle with some REAL butter!
     Boy the simplest things in life can be so easy to transform into something heavenly.  But the reality of it hit when I realized I would have red-stained fingers for 3 days!  That is just life on our little farm though.  I wouldn't have it any other way.