Monday, December 9, 2013

More Rain for the Christmas Season!

      So, I am not doing well keeping up my blog site.  "What was I thinking?" I can tell you, I thought this would be an easy, relaxing thing to do in the afternoons when the kids hit the bed and my hubby was busy.  I did not realize, however, that it requires a LOT of maintenance on my part to keep up with.  It is the 10th of December and no post for November and well, it is not looking real good for December. 
       Truth be told I want to share with others how easy and rewarding homesteading can be.  It does take a chunk out of your time.  We have a new Jersey bull calf we are bottle feeding and the rain, rain, rain will not go away.  It means that animals that usually love the open field are very unhappy.  We added a jenny to our pasture to help with coyotes.  She came to us totally afraid of humans so we have been working with her also.  In addition to our usual chores.
       November was very busy, my hubby and I both share a birthday in November along with one of our boys, my brother and both of my sister-in-laws.  There is Thanksgiving to consider too.  We did just as usual, had my hubs family over on a Sunday afternoon and Thanksgiving lunch at my parents. 
       We have had a terrible stomach bug that has been passed through just about everyone in the house and we are saying prayers of praise for those who have not had it.  Hosted a Ladies Cookie Swap here last Saturday too.  I know there are no pictures for todays post, but I will try to get some on here of what our decorated farm home looks like for Christmas.  I do love to decorate for the holidays so I would like to share that with you. 
       My garden is filled.....with hay and cow manure.  There are no veggies left now.  We plowed up the last and it has become the catch area for all things stinky till spring. LOL!!!  It makes for great fertilizer and helps put back some of the natural nutrients needed for good veggies next summer.  I am continuing to milk my goat till February then I will freshen both of my dairy goats at the same time to minimize having to take care of kids on and off.  I enjoy babies, but you never know what will happen with them.  Hoping my newest girl will be a good first-time momma.
       Well, I am listening to thunder.....that is right folks, Tennessee, in December.  It seems an appropriate time to get in bed and enjoy the sounds of rain on the windows and thunder in the distance.  It is a heavenly sound that reminds me of spring and flowers bouncing back to life after a cold winter.  But, the reality is spring is far away and so are the beautiful colors it brings.  SO off to dream of a warmer, less rainy time creeping months away from now.