Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Here We GO!

  Well, it has only taken me 2 weeks to figure out how to set up a blog.  I am so new to this computer stuff.  I was a computer major in college.....BUT, that was over 12 years ago and over 5 kids ago.  This is a new thing.  You might ask why?  I am interested in sharing our "homesteading experience" with others looking into the same thing.  It is also an outlet for me to the world, since I spend most of my time at home. 
    I have had so many of my friends tell me I need to write a book about the goings on around here.  So, it is also a good way to remember life as it happens.  Hopefully, it won't be boring and it will be helpful.  I have found so many blogs a great help along the way as we add each new animal or skill to our homestead.
    So, today on the homestead.....looking out our back door at some of my kids playing our oldest, our youngest and our only girl....playing tug with a small 4 wheeler, a strap, and a broken riding toy.
Our oldest is the driver with our girl riding with him, followed by my 3 year old being pulled on a 4-wheeler that no longer runs....GREAT FUN!!!!  Isn't the heavenly part of homesteading getting to see your kids grow up together with an endless amount of ideals to try?  Now, on the other side of this sit a bucket full of apples asking to be cut and put away, a load of laundry to do, dinner dishes to put away, and a failed attempt to make pancakes for tomorrow morning. This is my reality when that sweet moment from heaven passes.